Eagles beat the champions, the Mayas, 33-21. In this space, we had predicted a victory for the Mayas against the Eagles, due to the strong passing game they have, and because the Raptors hadn’t chosen a starter QB. We were wrong.

The Eagles showed as a strong team in the passing game with Billy Owens, Marco Patrarca; and a strong rushing game with Vladimir Araiza. Also, the DBs of the Eagles did a great job by defending the passing game of the Mayas.

For their part, Mayas special teams had great ball returns from Aaron Wiliams, and Tinajero. But they were not able to keep the andvantage. What it was intresting about the Mayas was that coach Alfaro benched the starter QB, Marco Antonio García (Last year MVP,) and put José Luis Canales for a couple of drives.