This weekend the mexican football League LFA started. There were a great expectation for the second season of the league. There were new teams on the north, new players and more media coverage. And we were expecting to be more professional. In this post I will point some of the hits and problems that the League in general had in the first week.

As a hit I belive that diversify the location of some teams will allow more people to go to these games in different cities such as in Saltillo, Monterrey or Naucalpan. The matchups were really intresting and most of them were fun and entretaining. Thats the main point of all of these league and sport. And finally I saw some improvment in the way the players performed. The same players in a high level of game phisically and mentally.

In the other hand , there were problems with the organization and the staff. First of all, the streaming was failing. The league charged 499 mexican pesos, (25USD) to watch the 24 games of the league including post season I think it was a reasonable price. The problem is that the platarom had problems in the transmition. And in a personal experience I could not watch any of the first three games of the season. That was really unprofessional. And there were no technical support by any media; Phone, Facebook , Twitter of live chat. And according to some other comments in social media, many paople were having that problem.

Furthermore the conditions of the field were not 100% professional. What do I mean? In the first game Fundidores and Dinos. The turf were not painted in white, it was painted in yellow and there were soccer field marks in the field. It was difficult to see in what part of the field they were playing. In the game at Mexico City “Palillo Martínez” Stadium the conditions of the field were not the best. Part of the field was dry and dusty. That do not look good.

Finally in all the transmitions there were not a decent scoreboard showing the gameclock, the down,  the yards to go, the names of the teams and the playclock. That is something the fans and the public must see to make sure it is intresting to watch.