Football is a great sport and is growing everyday. In the case of Mexico, a new professional league appeared last year with four teams (Raptors, Condors, Eagles, and Mayas) in Mexico City.  This 2017 season, two teams will be added: Fundidores, from Monterrey,  and Dinos, from Saltillo. Both of them are from major cities in northern Mexico, where football is really important.

But, how this league came to appear? Well, Mexico has a stong tradition of american football since the 1950’s. There are two college leagues – ONEFA and CONADEIP. – Both leagues play at a level of an NCAA division II or III. Even the Olympic Stadium of 1968 was built before for football games. It is part of a college tradition in Mexico to be part of a football team. There was a time that baseball along with american football were the main sports in the country.

Nowadays football has come back, but now in a professional league, which will be played from February to May. It will be a great option to watch for football lovers in the US during NFL and NCAA off-season. The roster of teams is built by these two major leagues of college football. The main teams are Pumas, from UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico;) Burros and Aguilas Blancas, from The National Polytechnic Institute; Aztecas, from UDLAP in the State of Puebla; Tigers, from the Nuevo León state university (Tec de Monterrey;) among others. In this 2017 season players from NCAA division are coming to the league, that is the case of Billy Owens from the Kansas Jayhawks, he will be playing with the Eagles this season.

Finally, football lovers from the US will have a good time following LFA (Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional,) it is a great opportunity to see this league growing, and to enjoy some good football in the US by watching interesting rivalry from cities in Mexico.