In the last posts, I mentioned some of the key notes for week 1, LFA games, which are really interesting, and I suggested who could win, but I didn’t state it properly.

Then, for the first game, Fundidores visiting Dinos, Fundidores has had a great confidence in themselves, and it looks like there is a good combination of QB and WR. It will be difficult to be a visiting team; still, we are about to see if the Dinos can take advantage of the locality.

Fundidores will win 27-20.

For the second game, Condors vs Raptors, I think Condors look better and they have a new QB; on the other hand, Raptors have not determined who will be the oppener for this game. So, I will forecast Condors’ victory, as last year, in week 1.

Condors will win 30-27.

For the last game, Mayas vs Eagles.

I think the champions will have a hard time beating the renewed Eagles. The DBs of both teams will need to stop the passing game, because those teams are the strongest in the league in that department.

Eagles will win 17-10.