As you know, guys 2016 NFL season is over, also NCAA football is over, and we must wait seven months for the next year pre-season. There is too much time without football. But, there is one hope.

Since last year, in Mexico City a new professional football league was created with just four teams; Condors, Raptors, Eagles and Mayas (the champion). This league was not created from nowhere. In Mexico there are two college football leagues: ONEFA and CONADEIP, their level of game is between NCAA II and III Division. However, these Mexican leagues come from an old tradition in American football from the 1950’s, when football and baseball were the two major sports in Mexico. For more information about the decay of football in Mexico, consult the Bletcher Report “A New Day For (American) Football in Mexico” by Robert Andrew Powell.

On that ground, the idea – of the LFA league, and of our blog  is to make this league stronger after every season. In this case, this second year of the league two more teams (with college tradition) are playing – Fundidores, from Monterrey, Nuevo León, and Dinos, from Saltillo, Coahuila. Both of them come from major cities in northern Mexico. Also, this year LFA is bringing players from the US that played in the NFL off-season, like Billy Owens, from the Kansas Jayhawks.

Finally, there are many good reasons to follow the LFA this season for football lovers in the US. In this space we will offer you the best football analysis of the games and news about them.