Last year the Raptors made it to the big game – the first Tazon México. In week 1 of 2016 season, they beat the Condors 40-34. In that game, the defense had two interceptions that converted in 14 points, having this way a 28-point lead in the game.

In this season, both teams are waiting for something different. Raptors changed its QB and it has three different options: Camacho, Marquez, and Sunshine. The three of them are fighting for the starting possition and that does not look good for the team. However, Raptors is still looking to be one of the top teams this time, and it changed of stadium from Mexico City, “Palillo Hernandez,” to Estado de México.

On the other hand, Condors was the worst team of the league last year. They finished with a record of 1-5, but this year they drafted QB Fernando Moulinie Torres, from PUMAS Acatlán, and have a couple of interesting WRs, from Tec de Monterrey campus Mexico City, Ulises Tovar and Daniel Reynoso.

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