The Football is back for mexico LFA second season. There will be three intresting matchups. For me , the most intresting is to watch will be the Fundidores from Monterrey visiting the Saltillo Dinos. Why?

Because they will be debouting teams in the north of Mexico. Important cities for football who have iintresting college football teams like Tigers from  UANL or Monterrey Tech. Or the Autonomous University of Coahuila in the case of the Dinos.

The Fundidores of Monrerrey leaded by coach Leopoldo Treviño Eloy will start with the college start QB Rodrigo Maldonado from Tigers of UANL, and he will have intresting WR that played with him on college. Lets remember that Tigres are the champions from ONEFA league of public schoools.  The WR Mauricio Jimenez Garza and Luis Enrique de la torre will have an intresting challenge in the game on sunday. And this  WR will be reforced by the other WR national champion from Aztecas ULAP, David García de la Torre.

In the other hand Saltillo Dinos will also have a QB from the UNAL former QB Jesús Cantú Muñoz. Witch make the game more intresting. In the defense, some UANL defensive backs will be really important if tehy want to stop the passing game, so they also have one of the best DB of thecollege football like Alberto García Alvarez and  Jesus Cantú Muñoz.

So, in my opinion this will be the most intresgin game for Week one for mexican football league LFA.

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